Care Compliance Manager

A sophisticated and intuitive digital tool, focused on helping care providers fulfil their compliance obligations in a timely, effective, adequate and responsible manner. CareComplianceManager® enables you to easily collect, securely manage and store all of your evolving operational data including; Person/Service User Specific Care Plans, Individual Support Plans, Needs and Risk Assessments and Care Workers Management information.

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Why is CareComplianceManager® the right tool for you?

Improved, Secure Data Collection and Management

CareComplianceManager® provides improved and secure data collection and management processes for all your care practice's needs. From care plans and medical data, to storing information on staff employment and management records - CareComplianceManager® allows you to house all of these vital records in one place.

Better and Improved Delivery of Care.

We have worked strategically alongside Care Executives, Team Leaders and Care Workers, to realise a shared vision of effectively providing a seamless workflow, maximizing technology investments, and ultimately improving client care delivery and outcomes. CareComplianceManager® allows you to focus on what actually matters the most - providing care to the people and community that need it.

Improved and Better Uses of Resources.

CareComplianceManager® enables you to work efficiently and effectively from anywhere. You can effectively manage the workflow of Team Leaders and Care Workers, whilst reducing the cost of consumables by drastically cutting the use of paper. CareComplianceManager® enables you to assess data in real-time as they are collected in the field. CareComplianceManager® works towards optimising your practices processes, helping you to reduce overheads, consumables and costs, by streamlining your work flow and improving your use of resources.

A better work experience

Happy staff equals a happy business. CareComplianceManager® aims to improve the work experience for all its users, allowing them to seamlessly perform tasks without requiring them to know complex computer jargon.

Improved Experience for Staff and Service Users Involvement

Our system allows you to keep a better grasp on your care practice. With an extra emphasis on making things easy for you, CareComplianceManager® takes care of your record keeping and your statutory checks, and monitors the workload of your staff effectively; enabling your care workers to spend more time with clients.

Improved CQC Reports

With improved data collection and data management process, the CareComplianceManager® puts your business ahead. The quality and integrity of the records and tasks completed using CareComplianceManager® directly impacts CQC inspection and helps build Local Authority confidence in your business, ultimately helping you to better negotiate with them.

Key Features

  • Service Users Administration
  • My Personal Needs and risk Assessment
  • My Support Plan
  • Service User Review Form
  • Telephone Quality Review
  • Yearly Quality client form
  • Care Worker Administration
  • Home Assessment Visit Form (spot check)
  • Supervision Form
  • Week 1 Carer form
  • Week 2 - 3 Carer form
  • Annual Appraisals

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